Cutting through the noise in the financial sector with email


Following the re-launch of a major bank’s services for intermediaries, there was a need for the brand to drive digital awareness and engagement via a digital communications framework that supports an ambitious business growth strategy moving forward.

Our objective was to help the Bank utilise engaging email campaigns that could integrate with their CRM to increase broker engagement, registrations and sales.

The Project

The project required a strong focus on market research as a central challenge was identifying how to best reach a niche audience in order to secure their attention.

My role in the project included:

  • Discovery including business objectives workshop
  • Existing email campaign performance audit
  • Competitor digital communication strategy audit
  • Market research for user journey profiling and customer engagement planning
  • Technical infrastructure review for CRM integration with Silverpop
  • Functional specification detailing campaign automation trigger points, behaviour-based programmes and personalisation elements


We worked closely with the Bank’s marketing team to conduct a discovery that resulted in a specification detailing how we would:

  • Segment user groups to define specific target audiences
  • Create bespoke campaigns that include custom triggers based on behavioural cues for those audiences
  • Utilise these techniques for both acquisition and retention campaigns
  • Accurately measure campaign performance and customer behaviour, forming single customer views on a bespoke dashboard
  • Ensure integrity of customer and campaign data by operating a single source data model within a central CRM